Human rights day – FREE TIBET!

Since the Chinese illegal occupation of Tibet in 1959 the human rights of the Tibetan people has been violated in various ways. As the situation has not improved and been, in fact, worse than ever before; more than 150 Tibetans have killed themselves by setting themselves on fire during just the past few years, as a desperate way to attract more attention to the cause in the world. Despite these drastic actions had not been mentioned in the world news, let alone the human rights situation in Tibet otherwise.AS

Thousands of Tibetans have been and are continuously being arrested because for example keeping a picture of their spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, in their home, for hanging up or just even owning a flag of Tibet, for spreading news about the ongoing human rights violations there to the world outside etc.

Some Tibetan women are forced to do abortion, Tibetan nomads are forced to leave their cattle and land to live in settlements, where they don’t even get any financial support by the Chinese government (which they claim they would offer to them), Tibetans also get half of the amount of salary than the Chinese when working for them, rich Tibetan landowners and business owners mysteriously disappear, Monks and nuns are forced to leave their monastic life when monasteries are destroyed by the Chinese government and forced to go to “re-education” camps.

As Tibet is called the “third pole” of the world, because of its enormous impact on the global warming when the Chinese are rapidly destroying the nature in Tibet, its issue is also important to all of us.

We appreciate your support and awareness of this situation. Thank you!

Best Regards,

The Tibet committee in Finland

(I’m about to produce a song based on this topic with a Tibetan chanter Tenzin Rigchoe; keep following this website for more news and spread/share the message in the post as much as possible: awareness is very important.)




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